Now that Google has admitted in court documents that it has paid “so many commentators it’s impossible to list them all,” it looks like everyone’s a suspect.

On CNBC, Consumer Watchdog’s Jamie Court suggested Business Insider’s Nicholas Carlson might be on the Google dole when the latter ripped into a bizarre screed about how consumers just don’t care about their internet privacy, and Consumer’s Union is bigger than Consumer Watchdog anyway, so how would they know what consumers want.

Court replied:

There’s a case right now where Google has to disclose all the bloggers it pays to get its viewpoint out.  And I don’t know if you’re on that list or not.

Carlson and Court were on CNBC discussing the proposed $22.5 million settlement between Google and the FTC.  The FTC accused Google of telling Safari users it wouldn’t use tracking cookies or deliver targeted ads — and then doing so:

The settlement is over Google’s override of the cookie controls in Apple’s Safari browser.

As the FTC explained, Google snuck around those controls by creating an invisible HTML form and then using JavaScript to pretend a user had submitted it.

Per Brad Reed: “Google’s cookie-planting antics were revealed this past February by Jonathan Mayer, a graduate student at Stanford who published research showing how Google used loopholes within Apple’s Safari browser cookie-blocking policy to place unexpected third-party cookies within the browser.”

In the proposed settlement, Google gets to skate on any admission of wrongdoing, and “denies any violation of the FTC Order, any and all liability for the claims set forth in the Complaint, and all material allegations of the Complaint save for those regarding jurisdiction and venue.”

Consumer Watchdog has filed a motion challenging the settlement with the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California, San Francisco Division, which must approve the deal.

As part of the proposed settlement, Google is creating a “Red Team” to protect consumers from…well, itself.

I know I feel safe.

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