Livestream: The Future of Comprehensive Data Collection

Future of DataFrom 3:15-4:45 ET, the FTC is livestreaming a panel on the Future of Comprehensive Data Collection:

This panel will focus on potential next steps for industry and policy makers in the area of comprehensive data collection. In particular, panelists will discuss what standards should apply to comprehensive data collection and whether the market can provide alternatives for consumers who wish to avoid such collection.

You can view the livestream here — I tried to embed the player but it embeds the entire web page.  It’s a major technology FAIL.


  • Lisa Campbell, Deputy Commissioner, Fair Business Practices Branch, Competition Bureau, Canada
  • Alissa Cooper, Chief Computer Scientist, Center for Democracy and Technology
  • Jim Halpert, DLA Piper, General Counsel to Internet Commerce Coalition
  • Chris Jay Hoofnagle, Director, Information Privacy Programs, Berkeley Center for Law & Technology, Berkeley School of Law
  • Thomas Lenard, President and Senior Fellow, Technology Policy Institute
  • Randal C. Picker, Professor, University of Chicago School of Law
  • Sid Stamm, Lead Privacy Engineer, Mozilla

FTC staff will be live tweeting the event at @FTC.  The hashtag is #FTCpriv.

The Future of Privacy Forum recently released a white paper by Jules Polonetsky and Omer Tenein advance of the panel entitled It’s Not How Much Data You Have, But How You Use It.  It’s a very good primer on many of the issues being discussed today.  It also includes a very handy comparison chart on the many platforms that Google, Apple, Microsoft, Amazon and Facebook now have competing products.