I think we all know the answer to that.

Come to think of it, the Dude would probably be a pretty good candidate for the Bitcoin lifestyle. We already learned you can drive around with Bitcoin, and as for the acid flashbacks – well, Bitcoin is somewhat known for its ties to the drug trade.

I could not, however, find any Bitcoin bowling options, which I’m sure the Dude would find to be a real bummer.

Indeed, if there is one area where Bitcoin is particularly lacking, I would say it’s in the “Stuff to Do” category. We’ve already established that one can buy a number of gift cards with Bitcoin – but as for entertainment options that directly accept Bitcoin the choices are limited but gradually growing:

- The Brooklyn Nets had a home game last night, and I thought maybe I would be able to find a ticket service similar to Stubhub that accepts Bitcoin, but had no such luck. I did, however, discover that beginning March 1, the Sacramento Kings will become the first pro sports team to accept Bitcoin for tickets. This makes sense considering the Kings are based in tech-friendly Northern California and need any excuse they can to get people to come to their games.

- Bitcoin is also slowly catching on in the world of high culture. I could not find any museums in New York willing to accept Bitcoin, but I did learn that The Museum of the Coastal Bend in Victoria, Texas and the Toonseum in Pittsburgh take them. I also could not buy any Broadway tickets with Bitcoin, but apparently patrons of the WeirdRodeo theater in Austin and Daleko Arts in New Prague, Minnesota can.

- Finally, if holding an extremely volatile cryptocurrency doesn’t adequately satisfy your thirst for risk, you can now lose your Bitcoin the old-fashioned way: in Vegas. Well, not technically. You still can’t gamble your Bitcoin yet, but two Vegas casinos have started accepting the cryptocurrency for lodging and souvenirs — so you can lose your shirt and then use Bitcoin to buy a tacky new one to replace it.

But back to my recreation options here in New York City, they are fairly limited. Taking a quick glimpse at the very useful Coinmap – a website that lets users track locations that accept Bitcoin – there are a few small clothing boutiques that accept Bitcoin in New York, along with a dentist (for masochists), a law firm (I guess litigation could be fun), some restaurants and a couple of bars.

One of these bars – EVR – was among the earliest adopters of Bitcoin and was recently in the news again last month when its co-owner Charlie Shrem was arrested at JFK airport for charges related to the transfer of $1 million in Bitcoin to alleged Silk Road customers. (It’s worth noting that money laundering is a fairly obvious problem in the Bitcoin community. I learned this when I naively googled “Bitcoin laundry” in the hopes of finding a service to wash my clothes, only to discover a lot of entries for a different kind of laundering service.)

The other bar, called Old Man Hustle, doesn’t have any laundering connections that I could find so I was thinking I might go there for a drink today. Unfortunately, my plans might be scuttled by the brutal ice storm hitting the East Coast. But fear not, I will definitely be venturing out into the world to spend some Bitcoin tomorrow, when I attempt to treat my girlfriend to a Bitcoin Date – but the details of that will have to wait.

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