As part of Amazon’s new AmazonFresh grocery service, the online giant is introducing Amazon Dash, a wifi-enabled barcode scanner you can simply wave at items you want to replenish. You can also just say the name into a microphone on the device.

AmazonDash will generate a list on Amazon that can be used to order grocery items and schedule a delivery.

This device seems a bit more realistic than the drones Jeff Bezos recently claimed will be depositing deliveries on your doorstep in the future.

While I can see how such a device would be useful, and I admit I’d probably be a user, there’s something that feels a little invasive about it. As someone who is currently trying to purge Big Brother Google from my life, I’m starting to wonder about the amount of data Amazon is stockpiling on all of us, and whether I want them to have a device scanning everything in my home.