I was personally disappointed with last year’s Game of Thrones premiere, specifically because it didn’t catch us up with all the characters and we were left to wonder what happened to one of the show’s most dynamic sub-sagas, that of Arya and The Hound.

The show runners apparently learned their lesson, and without spoiling anything, last night’s Season 4 preimere contained a very satisfying installment in the Arya/Hound story (in our house, the most popular moment in the show went to The Hound and his un-PC commentary on people who name their swords).

Which many people no doubt missed, because HBO apparently didn’t learn their lesson. Less than a month after HBO GO crashed during the True Detective finale, it went down donce again due to subscriber demand for the Game of Thrones preimere. Which no doubt sent many people online on the search for unauthorized copies of the episode.

GOT peers

Source: Torrentfreak

According to TorrentFreak, as of this morning over a million people have uploaded a copy via a torrent site.

They note that unlike HBO GO, speeds via torrent actually benefit when more people are downloading, which usually means downloads finish faster.

Which may mean it’s time to explore the suggestion made by Netflix CEO Reed Hastings that content providers such as his be allowed to connect their subscribers with peer-to-peer streaming, and has encouraged the FCC to make it a core part of any net neutrality proposal.