David Sirota tells us the fix is in regarding health care bill enforcement.

Well, this is the final straw for me. Who can we get to primary President Barack Obama, or President Samuel Pierce I’m beginning to think.

Here’s the gist of it, which was posted over at the Daily Kos. I’m sure they’ll be the usual doublethink and stupidity in the comments.

Here’s what David wrote:

For some good background on Fowler and the insidious role she played in killing the public option, watch Bill Moyers’ recent segment here.

Clearly, this is a telling indictment of the health care law itself, strongly suggesting that it was constructed by the Obama administration – as some progressives argued – as a massive taxpayer-financed giveaway to private insurers like Wellpoint. And let’s be honest: In investment terms, Fowler has been a jackpot for the health industry. The industry maximized her public policy experience for their own uses when they plucked her out of the Senate. Then, having lined her pockets, they deposited her first into a key Senate committee to write the new health care law that they will operate under, and now into the administration that will implement said law. Any bets on how much Fowler will make when Wellpoint (or another health insurer) inevitably rehires her in a few years?

Read the whole thing and let’s defend David in the comments if he’s not banned that is…oh wait, he’s a famous person he’ll be okay…

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