You Know, The Drill

A continuing theme of the right wing is establishing a total fiction, then spreading it as if it were fine information. The most recent example is the invented ‘per family expense’ for cap and trade legislation and not drill, drill, drilling – $1,761. The Competitive Enterprise Institute, one of the legions of self-styled think tanks of the right, originated this fiction, and seems to have sent the memo to every perpetrator on the right in order to keep the public from seeking its own best interests.

Actually, the public stands to gain, not lose, from alternative energy, in very many ways.

As Josh Nelson noted Wednesday, the parade of lies is growing like Pinocchio’s nose: "Three more Republican politicians have now used the heavily discredited and factually incorrect $1,761 figure as a per-family per-year price tag for cap and trade legislation, bringing the current total to 12."

Let’s be clear: Solving global warming means investment. Retooling the energy systems that fuel our economy will involve rebuilding our nation’s infrastructure. We will create millions of middle-class jobs along the way, revitalize our manufacturing sector, increase American competitiveness, reduce our dependence on oil, and boost technological innovation. These investments in the foundation of our economy can also provide an opportunity for more broadly shared prosperity through better training, stronger local economies, and new career ladders into the middle class. Reducing greenhouse gas pollution is critical to solving global warming, but it is only one part of the work ahead. Building a robust economy that grows more vibrant as we move beyond the Carbon Age is the greater and more inspiring challenge.

The oil industry stands out among business interests for its inability to deal with a progressing world, a world that has a need to survive the bad effects the oil industry generates. Small wonder that its operational stock in trade is a big lie, a bigger lie, and the really huge lie.

The Treasury Department wants you to know that this is "flat out wrong".

The flat earthers and flat birthers have a great deal in common. They cannot establish any truthful basis for their theories and policies, because they’re harmful and betray their constituents.

When there is no right way, these public figures are content to take the wrong way. Whatever gets the crooks to the trough is good enough for them.

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