Jobs, Jobs and More Jobs

It’s a given that the right wing will continue to hammer on the theme of giving the economy jobs, confident that the total loss of jobs inflicted on this economy by their own office holders will not diminish the value of that hammering. The economy is desperate for jobs, while the administration from Hell wiped them out to the point that it will take many years to get back to the level of prosperity that preceded it. ‘Jobs’ has taken on the flavor of a demand to stop all other programs, to the wingnut faction.

Extremists with constituencies that persist in sending back failures to high office still push for tax breaks, so that employers will give U.S. workers jobs, though thus far this concept has proved totally false. Teabaggage claims ‘socialism’ for any program that benefits the needy – while the sane realize that a consumer economy requires consumers.

While they fight jobs programs in congress, downplay the stimulus, combat extending unemployment, establishment of unions, and infrastructure rebuilding, the right is sure that by producing sheer desperation they will bring the country back into their camp. This assumes that the press will not expose the truth to a voting public, and that the voters aren’t bright enough or have memory sufficient to recall who brought them into this desperate position. Those of us on the left can hope that will not prove true, but it’s up to us to keep up the hammering on that theme, ourselves.

Jobs, jobs, jobs, is the continual cry now on the floor of Congress from the same folks who were happily depleting our treasury and incurring monumental debt up until 2008. The now-rejected original bailout of the banks during the previous administration made no demands on the bailed-out that they repay, or invest in U.lS. recovery, with taxpayer funds. No jobs. Yet they pretend that that cry for jobs is their own, from the many unemployed and those who were enticed into personal debt by the easy credit that deregulation produced.

While they struggle just to survive, they have choices to make about whether this economy will ever support them and their families. The turnaround is small so far, and tenuous, but policies favoring living wages for working people are being slowly, surely, brought about by a struggling majority pitched against determination to destroy.

Almost sardonically, the rising price for transporting goods has quietly been returning U.S. manufacturing to our shores, though.

…even in a recession, US steel production is going up, imports from China are going down. Expensive oil is helping parts of the American economy- the rust belt states that have suffered the most from the offshoring of their jobs to China. Any politician who cares about their votes should be pointing out that any effort to depress the price of oil for short term political gain is going to cost them jobs.

Rationally priced oil brings jobs back to America.

When the financial geniuses discover that without consumers, those working people who have enough disposable income to buy our products, the economy will not provide opportunities to grow their investments, wealth will begin to trickle back to the U.S. from the direction of the investors as well.

If voters keep hearing that cry of "Jobs, Jobs, Jobs" from the same element that gave them this economy, will they remember where their predicament originated – and make rational choices? Their own future depends on it.

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