Government Of, By and For Us People

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Picture courtesy of site seeking to match farms with those wanting to farm,

If that title doesn’t make you wistful, you must be a wingnut.   It’s been tried and was a great advance of civilization up until just the past decade, and now we have government taking from the poor and giving to the rich.  That doesn’t work, and the failed economy is living proof of its utterly catastrophic effect.   Maybe, that should be ‘dead’ proof .

This morning, I came across an example not far from our shores of a government that actually is working with its people in their efforts to make their lives livable.  Sadly, it’s almost unheard of that a government would stretch its own boundaries and let people live as best they can.  Wonderful to see, this is happening in what we used to know as a banana republic.  . . .

The views from the 20th floor of the Confinanza Tower are among the most spectacular in Caracas, reminiscent of those from an expensive penthouse apartment.

But the homes being built in this high-rise building, which actually goes up another 22 floors, are not expensive apartments. They are the kind of breeze-block shacks found in the city’s hundreds of shanty towns.


The government says it is working with the community to try to find a solution, and Mr Daza says that most families inside the tower support President Hugo Chavez. They are confident that the issues raised by living in the former bank can be resolved through negotiation.

In this land with its growing communities dominated by foreclosed and vacant homes, this is a sign of coping with things as they are that is altogether unfamiliar here.  Just this week, there were a few fires in my small town that appear to have been caused by squatters in empty houses.  We all see them around us, vacant buildings and homes that stand in stark contrast to the needs of jobless workers desperate for shelter.

In a few towns, the officials have taken over vacant homes for their unpaid taxes’ value and are selling them off cheaply to those who show sufficient income to fix them up.  I occasionally check into lists of properties being sold off in this way, from Dallas and even from a few western states that are performing this function.  So far, nothing has  said “Home” to me.

When our government returns to popular control, as I do believe it will, it can begin to perform as that government of, by and for the people it was meant to be.  Then there can be a balance of our needs with our resources.

Until our needs and resources are in balance, the economy cannot function.

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