Welfare Disincentivises Work – for the 1%

Out of Business

(Picture courtesy of Unhindered by Talent at  flickr.com.)

Some things actually do come around as they ought to.   The accumulating evidence that the tax code has been eating its own tail has been capped by release of the Mitt Romney, Inc., tax filing.

By not working, the corporate candidate saves quite a lot of money.   Paying 13%+ on earnings will most definitely disincentivise actual work for which the earner pays at a 30%+ rate.

Those displaced workers who the Bain on society, Romney, Inc., booted into unemployment would have benefited the U.S. far more than the candidate does.   Had they been earning salaries paying that 30%+, our social services such as schools, police, infrastructure, and the like, would have been receiving support rather than cutbacks.

Corporations that receive benefits from tax codes that favor off-sourcing jobs pay less into our needed funds for  actual U.S. well being.   The workers would have been paying into those needed funds with their taxes, creating a double loss.

The math is simple and obvious.   Tax codes that favor loss of tax monies are destroying the very system they should be building up.

Welfare for corporations is being paid for by those who they victimize.   Using their profits to lobby against those they depend on for those profits is insane economically as well as ethically.

Welfare for corporations has been turned against the very profit base those corporations depend on.   Corporations are not people, they are incapable of thought, or they would have done the math themselves.

Corporations need analysis and treatment, and removal from the welfare system they have created which works to destroy the people – the people that they are absolutely not.

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